An Evening aboard The Detroit Princess

Detroit, for all of it’s economic woes , is in a geographically beautiful location. Never has this been more apparent to me than on Friday night when a couple of friends, my wife and I boarded the Dinner Cruise of the Detroit Princess Riverboat.
I first heard of the boat in May of 2009 when a myself and a couple of friends were driving around Detroit doing some sightseeing in our hometown. We’d take the people mover around from Greektown, stopping to get out and take pictures inside the Renaissance Center and down in Hart Plaza. Noticing the boat, we picked up a flier and did some more reading. I was shocked to find it there- this is the kind of excursion I would definitely do if I was on a trip in another town. 
We’d booked the evening dinner cruise, which consisted of a delicious buffet meal and sunset cruise. Here is a description of the meal from The Detroit Princess’ own website.
“This two and a half hour cruise features our Captain’s Prime Rib dinner. It is a buffet meal with main entrees of Carved Prime Rib, Chicken Picata, Crab Stuffed Salmon and Vegetarian Lasagna along with sides of Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Cheese Tortellini with Pesto Cream Sauce, Wild Rice, Caribbean Vegetable Medley, Assorted Salads, Dinner Rolls and Dessert.”
We’d booked the Motown Cruise, and shortly after we finished eating a motown band called “The Prolifics” started performing classic Motown songs. There was a large dance floor and many of the other patrons started dancing. We elected to take our drinks out on to the deck and enjoy the trip up the river.
The Detroit River Light at the entrance to Lake St. Clair
The highlight of the evening was the hour and a half we spent strolling around the deck taking in the beauty of the setting. The evening temperature was perfect- in the mid-60s, with only the slightest breeze. The cruise route took us North to the point where The Detroit River ends and Lake St. Clair begins. Lake St. Clair is not one of the Great Lakes, but as you can see from the above picture, it is quite large. We were unable to see all the way across it.
Detroit’s Skyline across Belle Isle
The setting was perfect as the sun began to sink beyond Detroit’s skyline. The boat turned around and headed back south, toward the Ambassador Bridge and it’s dock near Cobo Center and Hart Plaza. The perfect sunset and serene setting only added to the pleasure of being out on the water after a fine meal.

Day turned into night, and we arrived back at our docking point shortly after 9:30. The Detroit Princess isn’t cheap, our tickets were $54.50 per person, but I absolutely consider the money well spent. Besides the dinner cruise we went on, the boat offers Moonlight cruises, Frequent Lunch Cruises, and many special events, such as fireworks cruises, murder mystery dinner cruises and afternoon family cruises. 
The Ambassador Bridge

Windsor, Ontario

Despite not having a great reputation for tourism, Detroit does have some great museums, a few vibrant neighborhoods, some world-class venues, and also The Detroit Princess, and excursion as rewarding as many I’ve done in the world’s more famous tourist destinations.

See more and book tickets at The Detroit Princess’ website.

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  1. eriksmithdotcom says:

    We got really lucky to have perfect weather and a picture perfect sunset.

  2. Looks like a beautiful and relaxing excursion!

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