Detroit’s Eastern Market- A Photo Essay

Detroit’s Eastern Market is part of the largest public market district in the United States. The Saturday Market is one of the Detroit area’s most popular weekend activities. As with the city itself, Eastern Market has seen some decay due to a tough economy, but under the private ownership of the Eastern Market Corporation, the market and the area surrounding it have begun the process of gentrification. 

I headed down to the market on Saturday, March 10th to test out my new 50mm/f1.8 lens and to try and recapture some of the wonder I used to feel when I traveled down to the market as a child with my parents as they picked up the supplies for my mom’s craft business from the many wholesalers that have their headquarters in the area.

Besides Eastern Market, I wandered across the Chrysler Freeway Bridge to the Gratiot Central market, which I will cover in a separate photo essay later.

2 Responses to “Detroit’s Eastern Market- A Photo Essay”

  1. eriksmithdotcom says:

    It would be awesome if it could be a catalyst for renewal in the area. The market is neat, the areas surrounding it are still unfortunate. 

  2. Kconvissor says:

    OMG. I LOVE Eastern Market. I remember tasting the blintz's my grandfather brought from there. I've never forgotten the taste. When I lived on I-94 and Woodward, I'd go there every week. Such great memories. Thanks, Erik. Really nice photos.

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