Jerusalem- The New ‘In My Mind’ Instagram series

It’s likely to be over a year before I venture out on any trip more than a short weekend excursion, so I’ve decided to do a weekly series to allow me to travel ‘In My Mind’ while not doing it ‘On My Feet’. I’ll be revisiting some of my past trips by uploading some of my favorite pictures from those destinations to Instagram and sharing them that way. Not only will it keep me actively traveling, the Instagram effects will allow me to have a fresh take on many of my favorite pictures.

Please follow my Instagram account (esmith7273) or my hash tag #tripsrevisited- or wait for the weekly update where I’ll compile all the pictures and add them in one post like this one.

The first destination in this series is Jerusalem, Israel from my 2010 trip there. I only am posting 5 photos today (there are 13 on Instagram) since I did not send them all to myself, and now can not figure out how to go back and get them 🙂


Spices in the Old City Souq


These stones have seen some amazing history


Tombs on the Mount of Olives


The Dome of the Rock


Garden of Gethsemane

4 Responses to “Jerusalem- The New ‘In My Mind’ Instagram series”

  1. Maria says:

    Inspiring and motivating snaps – Can’t imagine anyone seeing these and not wanting to follow your journey.

    • Erik says:

      It was a remarkable trip. Glad I have started this “trips revisited” series to help reflect on all the cool places I have been. Sometimes I work so hard on the blog and planning the next trip, I forget to properly reflect on the past ones.

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