New Zealand- Chapter Twenty-Nine: All Good Things…

After the most amazing twenty-eight days of travel I’ve ever done, it was time for me to head home. I spent the morning finishing up the repacking of my overstuffed bags. I didn’t have to return the car until 1 PM, so I headed over to One Tree Hill, a place I’d visited almost a week earlier as I passed through Auckland on my way north.


The  scene on top of One Tree Hill had changed significantly from the Queen’s Day chaos I’d experienced. This morning, I practically had the top of the hill and it’s commanding views to myself.



Auckland Skyline


Ready to head home

I really loved the views from One Tree Hill. It was the perfect place to get a feel for Auckland. Perfect views of many of the other volcanic cones that are so much a part of Auckland’s geography and one of the best views of the city’s skyline.

29NZ4 The surrounding parklands, One Tree Hill Domain and Cornwall Park, contain distictly New Zealand things- like an archery range….

29NZ5….and, of course, sheep in an urban park.

I’d debated the night before on whether to spend my remaining time at the Auckland Museum or the Auckland Zoo. I’d decided on the zoo. Alas, it wasn’t to be. When I reached the exit on the motorway for the zoo, I found that many Kiwis had the same idea I had for this splendid Saturday. The line of cars was backed up over half a kilometer, and with my time restrictions, I knew this wasn’t going to happen. It was too far to head back to the Auckland Museum, so instead, I headed the car toward the rental agency to return it.

I’m glad I did return the car early, because when I got to the airport, I found out that my bag were both over the 50 pound weight limit. I spent the extra hour deciding what was going to be able to make the trip home.


The flight to San Francisco was a pleasure aboard Air New Zealand, easily the best airline I have ever flown. I’d booked this flight with 8 hours in San Francisco, since it is one of my favorite cities. I was too tired to really get much out of the visit, other than a long drive from the airport out to Hawk’s Hill in the Marin Headlands for one of my favorite city views ever, and a bite to eat with one of my favorite people and blogger/podcast legend Chris Christensen.

I arrived home the next morning, after the red-eye flight, exhausted, exhilarated  and happy to be back with my wife and furry kids. For a little insight on how I felt that day- read the barely coherent post “Was It All A Dream?” that I wrote that afternoon.

I’ll be finishing this series with a few summary posts.


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4 Responses to “New Zealand- Chapter Twenty-Nine: All Good Things…”

  1. Great job, Erik. Great pics. Good stories.

    Look forward to your upcoming European adventures.

    • Erik says:

      Thanks, Kate. It’s been a labor of love finishing this.

      Hopefully the European adventure doesn’t take over 9 months to finish telling 🙂

  2. snowbird says:

    How sad you must have been heading home. I have really enjoyed travelling with you and have a much better understanding of NZ now. I love those elevated pics.xxxxx


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