Northern California Phone Pictures- Part One

As I mentioned in my summary of September’s blog action, I had hoped to send pictures taken on my phone through to my blog and to Facebook and Twitter. Due to the fact that the phone get lousy signal (even in the city) and has very little battery life, I was not able to send very many through as ‘mobile’ posts. (I have a Samsung Moment and Sprint is my service, and I would not recommend either to anyone!) I was disappointed, but not too much, as my DSLR camera takes much better pictures. 
I was surprised when I downloaded all of the pictures off my phone how nicely some of them turned out. I took them same shot with my good camera on many of these, so they may be shot I’ve shown in my articles about the trip.
Sunset Beach State Park
National Steinbeck Center, Salinas
Mission San Juan Bautista
Mission San Juan Bautista
Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park
Tunnel View, Yosemite National Park
Ahwahnee Hotel, Yosemite
Bodie State Historic Park
Schonchin Butte Lookout
What trial to take?
Wizard Island, Crater Lake National Park
Battery Point Lighthouse, Crescent City
The foggy Pacific in Redwoods State and National Park

The second part of this post will be the pictures from the San Francisco area.

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  1. Some of these are really great, Erik! I really like the photo of Bodie State Historic Park — it's got a lot of “mood” to it.

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