On the Road in New Zealand- A Photo Essay

When I got back from the trip, and was organizing my photos, I was surprised at how many photos I’d taken while either on the road or standing next to it after pulling off to the side. All in all, there were over 150 of them, I’ve narrowed it to the twenty best for this photo essay. NZOnTheRoad01 NZOnTheRoad02 NZOnTheRoad03 NZOnTheRoad04 NZOnTheRoad05   NZOnTheRoad06 NZOnTheRoad07 NZOnTheRoad08 NZOnTheRoad09 NZOnTheRoad10 NZOnTheRoad11 NZOnTheRoad12 NZOnTheRoad13 NZOnTheRoad14 NZOnTheRoad15 NZOnTheRoad16 NZOnTheRoad17 NZOnTheRoad18 NZOnTheRoad19

2 Responses to “On the Road in New Zealand- A Photo Essay”

  1. Maria says:

    You captured those snow caps so well. Love viewing them.

  2. snowbird says:

    Wow, I love the mountain pics and the waterfall. It’s amazing how many pics you can take, I’m always surprised by how many I always have.xxxxx

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