Photo Essay- Comerica Park, Detroit

On Thursday, April 19th, I attended my first Detroit Tigers game of the year with a visiting friend of mine from high school, Kirk. I went down early to take some pictures of the Tigers home stadium, Comerica Park. I focused on pictures mostly before the game started, since I have a pretty nice set from a game I attended with my Parents and Sister back in 2010. 
Comerica is a really nice park, but I’ve never really warmed up to it. For the first time on this visit, I think I finally put my finger on why that was- It isn’t Tiger Stadium. While kind of a dump in it’s later years, Tiger Stadium was the park of my youth, a place I truly loved and treasured. Unfortunately, as with so many fading landmarks in Detroit, there were not enough funds available to save it, and it had been almost completely torn down since. It is a loss that still makes my heart sad. 
Having realized that not being Tiger Stadium isn’t really Comerica’s fault, I was able to warm up to the place a little on this visit. It’s certainly not my favorite park, but it’s a pleasant  place to watch a baseball game. 

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  1. Leah Travels says:

    I really enjoyed seeing your photos on Instagram and like them even more here. My husband's goal is to visit all the ballparks in MLB. Looks like he's in for a treat in Detroit.

  2. Margyle says:

    It's funny… seeing your pictures and the carousel reminds me of a conversation I had once with an old coworker. I said I was going to a Jays game as I always do, and she asked if there was anything to do at the stadium. I replied “Well, yes… watch the game,” and she said “Oh there aren't like, rides to go on or carnival games to play? At the Tigers games there are.” 
    See, I always assumed you went to a ball game to watch the game, but apparently there are many of these 'things to do' at many different stadiums. Mind… blown lol.

    I know what you mean about not really warming to a park… SkyDome (or Rogers Centre… I guess lol) has always come across as cold and sterile, particularly as it is a concrete behemoth that never gets filled. But hey, if either the Jays or the Tigers make the series, I'm sure we'll find some love for the stadiums!

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