Photo Essay- The Te Awamutu Museum

As I said in my last post, the Te Awamutu Museum is a good as any museum I have seen in all my travels. I was there to see the exhibits on early Maori History and the Finn Brothers (Te Awamutu is their hometown), but I was impressed by all exhibits in the museum.


 TeAwamutuMus02 TeAwamutuMus03

TeAwamutuMus04 TeAwamutuMus05

TeAwamutuMus07 TeAwamutuMus08










TeAwamutuMus18 TeAwamutuMus19



  • The Te Awamutu Museum’s Website


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4 Responses to “Photo Essay- The Te Awamutu Museum”

  1. snowbird says:

    Interesting post, we never seem to learn from our mistakes and history does tend to repeat itself. You are educating me and I’m really enjoying it!xxxxx

  2. The Guy says:

    An interesting sign for the entrance “Where history never repeats”. Hopefully if we learn from history we won’t make the same awful mistakes our ancestors made.

    • Erik says:

      SO TRUE! That is one of the main upsides to studying history- that we may learn from the mistakes of our past and not repeat them. Too bad this is often easier said than done.

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