Reflection on 1,000 Posts

If you couldn’t figure it out by the title- This post is my 1,000th since I started this blog on January 1st, 2011. While that seems like a big number, almost 700 of those posts were from my old “Photo of the Day” feature that I just recently discontinued.

My Old Blogger Banner (Nimrod Fortress, The Golan, Israel)

I’m still incredibly proud of all the work I’ve put into this blog, despite all my whingeing about views since my recent move from blogger to wordpress. I’ve said it before, but I should reiterate that I started this a merely a way to get me from one trip to the next, and also to have a place to post about the trips while I was actively doing them.

In honor of my 1,000th post I decided to go back and pick out some of my favorite posts. Those of you who are new to the blog may not have ever read these- I hope you’ll enjoy reading them as much I enjoyed writing them.

I Travel, She Doesn’t– A heartfelt post about how my wanderlust meshes with my wife’s anti-wanderlust.

10 National Parks You Probably Haven’t Heard Of– I consider this one from my first month as my first ‘real’ blog post.

Hi, My Name is Erik Smith, and I’m an Idiot– A post explaining the genesis of my self-photography at each of the places I visit and the term ‘Idiot Photo’

 My Love of International Travel- and Where It All Began (part one) & (part two)– The story, complete with scanned vintage photos, of my family’s trip to Europe during the summer of 1986, and how it began my love of traveling overseas.

Israel 2010- Day 21- Climbing Mount Sinai (part one) & (part two)– In May of 2011, I reposted all of my posts about each individual day on the one year anniversary of that day from my old blog. I put special care in to the Sinai posts, since it had been such an incredibly moving experience. As proud as I am of these two posts, they still fall short of capturing the emotion of that day.

 North Manitou Island- You’d Better Really Want It (part one) & (part two)– Another post that was too long for to fit into one. This tells the story of the return to North Manitou Island, with my friends Keath & Tone, attempting to do better than we had on our previous visit during the summer of 1996.

What I Did Right & Wrong- Israel 2010– I finally got around to compiling this list 13 months after the trip, but having all that time to reflect really allowed be to objectively analyze the amazing month I spent in the Holy Land.

10 Great Amsterdam Tips– Another post from my most productive period as a blogger (June/July of 2011), this post was a collection of all the great advice I received and have given over the years pertaining to visiting Amsterdam.

Lost in the 1950s- The Cherry Bowl Drive-in – This post is mostly a photo essay about a drive-in movie theatre in Northwest Michigan that harkens back to days long past in America.

Sad & Somber- My Visit to Auschwitz– This is the most viewed post I have ever written, and it covers a deeply moving day at this infamous concentration camp in Southern Poland.

Embrace Everything- This has to be one of the ‘fluffiest’ pieces I’ve done, but I still believe deeply in the sentiment behind it.

Australia- 10 Years Later- The Good & The Bad– I wrote this post on the 10 year anniversary of my departure for what was, at that time, my best trip ever. It was the second in a three part series which also included posts on my itinerary & Australian wildlife.

What I Did Right & Wrong- Northern California 2011– Much like the Israel post of the same name, this list I did within a couple of months of returning from the trip.

10 Highlights from San Francisco– San Fran quickly became one of my favorite cities during my 2011 visit, and it was hard picking just 10 highlights.

 ABC’s of Travel– I participate in every travel meme I am nominated for, and this one was one of my favorites.

My Top HDR Photos from 2011– This was kind of throw-away post, but it ended up getting quite a number of views and comments.

So, Yeah, I’m Going to New Zealand– I wrote this post minutes after booking my flight to New Zealand, and I think the excitement comes through in the writing. I got a lot of helpful suggestions and tips in the comments on this post.

Ashley’s Trappist Beer Dinner– This was the first in a series of posts I wrote about Belgian Beer Week at my favorite restuerant here in the Detroit area, Ashley’s of Westland. The post was seen by Ashley’s owners, and I’ve really been enjoying the relationship that has developed out of it.

A Non-Camper Camping at Yosemite- This is another post I wrote that seemed to attract quite a bit of attention, especially from people who considered themselves non-campers.

A Valentine’s Day Special: 21 Non-Romantic Places– I really enjoyed gathering this list and photos, and I think my readers really enjoyed it to because it was retweeted and mentioned quite a few times.

A Parisian Moment of Bliss– This refection on my 28th Birthday, spent in Paris on a beautiful summer day, recounts one of my best travel days ever.

A Float in The Dead Sea– This was such an amazing experience, so singular, that a post about it was long overdue.

Taking the ‘High Road’- Yosemite’s Tioga Pass Road in HDR– I saved visiting Yosemite for a season which the Tioga Road, the only road to cross the park, was open.

My Seven Super Shots– This is another one of those travel memes that made its way around, and it was another one I enjoyed doing because it gave me the opportunity to reflect on my photo library. I ended up limiting it to photos taken with my dSLR camera.

The Time My Dad & I Raided The Department of the Interior– In 2005, My dad & I visited the National Parks Service office in the Department of the Interior Building in Washington, D.C. to get ‘a few’ National Park brochures…

Finding Beauty in Life & Travel– I wrote this post on the eve of my trip to New Zealand, a heartfelt reflection on the upcoming trip and missing my wife during it.

An Adventure at Slope Point, New Zealand– I didn’t write a lot of ‘full’ posts while in New Zealand on my trip earlier this year, but this was an experience I needed to share right away.

Was It All A Dream?– I like this post because it was the first real attempt at reflection on the New Zealand trip, written immediately after I took the long (jet-lagged) induces nap on my first day home.

New Zealand 2012 by the Numbers– I’m surprised that I got this post written so quickly after returning from the trip considering the work chaos that greeted my return, but I’d been keeping these numbers the whole trip and was excited to share them.

Forty Pics for My 40th Birthday– A little self-absorbed, but very popular post of pictures for My 40th Birthday.

Goose Island Brewpub & Tour– I still have a lot to blog about from my three-day trip in July, but I loved the Goose Island tour and needed to share the love in this post.

Orlando- Tacky Souvenir Capital of the World– I haven’t even began to work on posts from my Florida trip with Janeen back in September, but I love this one, trying to capture the essence of Orlando’s souvenir shop scene.

 (I didn’t include any of my ‘daily summary posts’ or photo essays from my New Zealand trip, which is currently occupying almost all of my blogging time. I am incredibly proud of all of them and couldn’t pick which ones to use.)

Hope you will stick around for the next 1,000 posts!


19 Responses to “Reflection on 1,000 Posts”

  1. fotoeins says:

    Congratulations, Erik! Here’s to another 1000 … though your luverly wife might have something to say about that. 😉

  2. Eric you’ve got an incredible body of work in a short time. Congrats on making it to 1000 posts. I still have a long ways to go.

  3. Holy smokes… you’ve done A LOT! Congrats… and happy to know you in the community 🙂

  4. Scarlett says:

    Congratulations on 1000 posts Erik, you should be so proud of all your adventures xx

  5. Jaime says:

    Wow 1000! Thats a huge milestone. Congrats on that number & cheers to many more. I like the recap you did when I get home I’ll have plenty of catching up to do on your blog for sure. As for the views, just keep being you & slowly they will come around. It takes time & not many people realize how much hard work it is to run a blog. Take it slow & enjoy like you have been. 😉

    • Erik says:

      Thanks Jaime- I appreciate it. I’ve enjoyed your blog so much, few bloggers capture the emotion of travel (and life) like you do. Something for me to aspire to!

  6. Greg Goodman says:

    Congratulations on 1,000 posts. I know how much work goes into these, so it’s quite a milestone! Keep up the fantastic work… I’m looking forward to the next 1,000 🙂

    • Erik says:

      Thanks, Greg. They’ll be few and far between until after Christmas (I work at Fed Ex) but hopefully January affords more time!

  7. Kris Koeller says:

    Congrats on a big milestone! Keep it up!

  8. snowbird says:

    Congratulations Keith. I will certainly enjoy perusing thse former posts.xxxxx

  9. Hey Erik,

    That’s an impressive list and 1000 posts indeed seems like a lot. Even if you take out 700 of them, 300 makes a huge collection. Having read few of your articles, I know they are not few liners, they’re extensive.

    Don’t worry about the setback in views, you deserve and will get a lot more in a near future.

    Congratulations and we’re waiting for another 1000!

    Good luck,

    • Erik says:

      Thanks Cez! I appreciate all of your hard-work. Once Christmas season is over here I’ll getting working on more frequent new content and hopefully we’ll see the numbers take off.

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