Some Thanks- and a Little Housekeeping

I just wanted to say a special thanks to all of you who have been reading my blog. After pretty weak numbers in January (170 views) , February (130 views)  & March (72 views), I’ve really seen a jump over the past three months- April (659), May (988), and June so far (1,127). I joined Twitter (@eriksmithdotcom) halfway through April at the suggestion of another blogger and that is really when I saw my numbers rise. I seem to do a lot better on the articles I write, which is not surprising, but they are also a lot harder to put together than simply posting a photo everyday. The jump in numbers, plus the fact that I have already booked my ticket to TBEX’12 (a travel blogger’s convention in Keystone, Colorado next June), is keeping me inspired to write more. I need to feel like I deserve to be there, not just that I bought a ticket.
Thanks to those of you who have found me on Twitter and have retweeted some of my articles. I can’t express how flattering it is. I try to reciprocate by retweeting back. A big thanks also to those who have left comments in the comment part of the blog itself.  It’s so cool when my phone chimes that I have an email, and it’s a comment on the blog. Ask anyone who is around when this happens, it just makes my day.
Ideas I hope to realize for my blog in the next couple of months:
1- Write at least one article per week. I hope to do more, but time restraints will be the biggest factor in this.
2- Improve the quality of my articles. I’m proud of what I’ve written so far, but I know I have a way to go.
3- Move from blogger to Word Press. This will take some time. I’ll basically be building a whole new website. This is something I hope to have done by the end of the year, if not, it will definitely be done by TBEX next year.
4- Do a better job of proofreading. I have a friend who’d be good at this, we’ll see if he can find the time to help me out.
5- Add some weekly features. I have some ideas for this, but I am open to suggestions. I’ve already started work on one, that should roll out in the next month.
6- Find a way to incorporate all the photos on my existing website in some sort of indexed format. This may require a bit of reading software books, but I think it will be worth it.
7- I hope to have the guts to start e-mailing some of the bloggers I admire for advice. I have a fear of rejection (or being ignored- just as bad), but there are lots of cool people out there who haven’t forgotten where they came from.
A few other things- 
I recently wrote a guest post on Acre, Israel for The Amateur Traveler- a podcast I adore and can’t recommend highly enough for fellow travel addicts like me. The host Chris Christensen, as down to earth as anyone I’ve ever talked to, is a giant in the business, whether he is too humble to admit it or not. I’ve been on his show four times. I’m proud of the podcasts- admittedly they aren’t his best, but it is an honor to be included so many times. The podcasts were on National Parks, Yellowstone & Grand Teton, Michigan, & The Four Corners Region.
I also had one of my Washington D.C. HDR photos featured on his photo of the day. I will be publishing the whole gallery of those soon on my own site.
One small plea: If you are on Facebook, it’s real easy to ‘like’ my blog. You can do it by following this link here.

Thanks again to anyone reading this. I’ve surprised myself by how much I love doing this. It’s a nice hobby while waiting for the next trip- and, as you can tell by the title of this blog, that’s not far away- whether it be On My Feet or In My Mind.


2 Responses to “Some Thanks- and a Little Housekeeping”

  1. Erik –

    Been making some progress around here, good to see.

    Few bits for you:
    – we are all in the blogging game, always email other bloggers, we thrive on it. If you don't get a response, not your fault, email someone else
    – moving to a wordpress-site would help out greatly for SEO, streamlined blog experience, etc
    – once you move to wordpress, can use coppermine or gallery to upload/index your photos by album, etc.
    – read up on and use StumbleUpon and Digg, great way to get your site out there
    – dont force yourself to write. Write as it comes to you. When you force it, it is obvious. When it comes naturally and passionately, it is obvious too

    Any questions you have, feel free to hit me up.

  2. Kris Koeller says:

    Erik, congrats and keep up the great work. Congrats on your traffic, Twitter is a great way to expand your readership!

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