State of the Blog- August 2012

August was a great month for On My Feet or In My Mind, with a record number of views (5,207) and comments (67). I still am not back to posting as much content as I should, I’m averaging 1.5 new posts and 2 photo essays a week, where I’d love to be averaging 3 posts and 3 photo/video posts, but my current work schedule just doesn’t allow it. I’m also putting a lot of time into my New Zealand daily recaps, with those usually taking twice as long to write and organize as I usually spend on a post.

My wife Janeen & our friend Laura at Ashley’s Rock ‘n’ Brew 

This was another month where the month’s lowest daily total in views was 111, and I had a great day of 478 views on my birthday, August 4th, when I posted 40 Pictures for My 40th Birthday– which was by far the most popular post of the month. The numbers could have been higher, not just if I had posted more new content, but I the lack of free time cut down on my ability to tweet both my own and others posts, and I only used StumbleUpon one day this month- I definitely hope to change those numbers next month.

My nephew Dane & I

On the personal front, I had a great surprise birthday party, thrown by my wife at Ashley’s (our favorite restaurant) and spent a delightful day boating with the Jacksons the next day. I didn’t do any traveling this month, but did work on editing and posting a number of pictures I took on my late July trip to Chicago, including the set of HDR photos. This month, I have two excursions planned near the end of the month, a weekend trip with my friends Keath & Tone to three breweries in Western Michigan, and the last weekend of the month my wife and I are going to Florida to visit my new nephew, Jackson. After these two weekends, my focus will turn toward peak season for me at my job, so I would guess there wouldn’t be too many excursions until 2013. 

Auckland from Mount Eden

For this of you who keep asking what my next big trip is, the answer, honestly is I don’t know right now. I would love to go back to New Zealand, but day by day that looks like less of a possibility. If I don’t do that, I have considered some other shorter options: Iceland, A beer tour in Belgium, and continuing my National Parks quest. I won’t lie, New Zealand remains my hope, but so much has to happen before next spring for that to happen, I am preparing myself in case I can’t swing it. Rest assured, if I can’t this next year, I will someday return to New Zealand. As rough as things have been professionally for me since I got back, I still carry some glow from that trip that I can call upon everyday. I have little doubt this is another reason I am taking so long on the daily recap posts- As long as I have them to write, I have and excuse to revisit The Land of the Long White Cloud in my thoughts everyday.

Sailing on the Barbary

As side note to any reader who is going to New Zealand or knows someone who is going there in the next five months- I won a family voucher for a free sail on the yacht Barbary on Lake Taupo, an exceptional experience I had on this last trip. I’m obviously not going during the time period the voucher is good for (through the end of 2012) but the nice people who own the Barbary have said I can transfer it to anyone else. If you know someone who is interested, please have them contact me through social media or e-mail. 

A favorite shot of my nephews I took during our boating day

I’m still hoping to move from blogger to wordpress, but I am currently having trouble hiring someone to do the work. The first person I hired apparently forgot about me after starting the project and the second person must have decided not to take it since I never heard back from them after the initial exchange of emails. If anyone has any suggestions on someone to help me with the transition, please contact me. 

As I say every month, thanks to everyone who stops by and a special thanks to those who leave comments and share my posts via Facebook or Twitter. If you haven’t liked my Facebook page, now is a great time, since I am only three likes away from 100! 

Erik Smith
August 31st, 2012

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