State of the Blog- September 2012

September was a big month here at On My Feet or In My Mind. I blew past last month, my previous high month for total pages views. August saw 5,207 views and September jumped to 6,529 views, a 20% increase. The best part about the jump is that the numbers were pretty consistent from day-to-day, not inflated by a few abnormally high days. The low number for the month was 129 on September 1st, and I didn’t go below 174 until the last two days of the month. The high day for the month was 308 views, on September 9th. For a while, I thought I might hit 7,000 for the month. 

Janeen & I at the Manatee tank at Sea World

The most surprising part of the numbers is that I really didn’t post as much new content as I wanted to. I did 4 posts on my New Zealand trip (I’m still only on day 13 of 30), along with 6 other articles of various sizes, 6 photo essays, and 1 video post. The best performing post of the month was a travel meme called Capture the Seasons in Photos which I was nominated for by Leigh of Hike Bike Travel

I feel incredibly guilty, but I didn’t post anything except one photo essay during the last week of the month because my wife and I took a trip to Florida to visit my sister, brother-in-law, and 6 week old nephew Jackson (who is a cute, angelic little boy- I am a little biased). We also visited Discovery Cove, where we got to swim with a dolphin named Calypso, and visited the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, home to Winter from the movie Dolphin Tale. I plan to do a series of posts on the Florida trip, but heck, I promised the same thing about my July trip to Chicago, and that hasn’t happened yet either. It will, I promise, so stay tuned.

Also while in Florida, I was able to meet one of my favorite bloggers, Deej from the blog The World of Deej. Not having attended any blogging conventions yet, I’ve been lucky that the two I’ve met in person (Chris of The Amateur Traveler being the other), have been such awesome people. If you haven’t read Deej’s excellent blog yet, you should. 

Feeding the birds in Discovery Cove’s Aviary 

That leaves me with the part where I talk about my travel plans for the next month and what’s upcoming on the blog. This is where I break into either hysterical sobs or a nervous shaking fit. I have no plans to do any traveling for at least the next four month, but probably closer to six months, and there’s no guarantee it will happen then either. The biggest reason for this is my real job (blogging is just a hobby for me). Working in the parcel industry, November and December are always our busiest months, and October has not started out well. I’m not saying I won’t be posting here much- I still should be able to crank out a post or two on the weekends, but I fear the amount of new content will decrease until after Christmas. I hope that isn’t the case, especially since I have so many exciting posts about the New Zealand trip still to write, but, as of today, it seems inevitable. 

I appreciate everyone who’s taken the time to stop by. A special thanks to those who have commented on or retweeted my posts (here’s a shoutout to you Kris). Even if the post numbers decrease a little for a while, I  hope you will all continue to stop by, the things that are upcoming will be exciting. 

Erik Smith
October 1st, 2012

If you haven’t caught them, here’s a list of the New Zealand posts so far:

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Chapter Five- The Otago Peninsula
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Chapter Six- The Edge of the World in the Catlins
Chapter Seven- Southern Scenic Route
Chapter Eight- Cruising Doubtful Sound (Pt.1)
Photo Essay- Lake Manapouri Cruise
Chapter Eight- Cruising Doubtful Sound (Pt.2)
Chapter Eight- Cruising Doubtful Sound (Pt.3)
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Chapter Nine- The Milford Sound Road
Chapter Ten- Milford Sound and The Hollyford Road
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Chapter Thirteen- A Soggy Drive to the West Coast

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  1. eriksmithdotcom says:

    Thanks Kris- I can't thank you enough for the auto-retweets, I'm sure they helped the numbers during those periods where I lacked new content.

  2. eriksmithdotcom says:

    I'm counting on it Deej!

  3. eriksmithdotcom says:

    Thank you sir! Nothing wrong with dreaming— as the title of this blog states, I'm thinking about traveling always, even if it's only in my mind!

  4. eriksmithdotcom says:

    Thanks Melissa! I am also looking forward to Toronto next year, it should be a blast. I'm still working on the weight, but I feel a little stupid, this counting calories really works- I should have started years ago!

  5. eriksmithdotcom says:

    Thanks, Toni! Smiles have been few and far between recently, but it was a good weekend 🙂

  6. Toni says:

    Absolutely well-deserved Erik! It looks like you had such a good weekend – it's great to see your smile 🙂

  7. Erik! You are looking absolutely fantastic. I can see the weightloss

    I look forward to meeting you IRL in Toronto next June 🙂

    Congrats on a huge month! And my capture the seasons is coming – hopefully up tomorrow! 😀

  8. Margyle says:

    Good lookin kid! I know what you mean about not being able to travel for a while… I'm banking it all on a friend of mine winning some money and paying for me to go see him in Korea. Wishful thinking, but a guy can dream, can't he?
    Congrats on the increases!

  9. Great month and great times….I'll see you in Toronto for that beer!

  10. Kris Koeller says:

    Congrats on a huge month!

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