Vinsetta Garage- One of Detroit’s Coolest Places to Eat



Vinsetta Garage is one of the coolest restaurants in the Detroit area. Housed in a building that served as a local automotive garage since the mid-1900s, the interior pays homage a bygone era.




The interior decoration of Vinsetta Grill is that of vintage automotive era, especially relevant being located on Woodward Avenue, just outside of Detroit, the birthplace of the automobile. There are countless reminders among the decor about the importance of Detroit to the automobile culture that still dominates American life. The waitstaff at Vinsetta Garage forgo traditional uniforms  preferring the “Made in Detroit” or “Detroit-proud” outwear you would expect from a place as proud of it’s heritage as this one.





It’s probably hard to reconcile the two ideas- cool, chic modern restaurant  with turn of the century garage, but Vinsetta does it perfectly. The central dining area and kitchen aree beautiful, wide-open spaces. The best feature in all of the natural light that comes from the beautifully-restored skylight.



Even the bathrooms are cool with it’s ‘penny floor’ and vintage facets.




It certainly isn’t just about the uniqueness of the building and setting at Vinsetta Garage. The menu features sandwiches, burgers, and hot dogs like you’ve never had before, and also amazing coal-fired pizzas. Topping it off is a diverse selection of beer, both on tap and in bottles, and an impressive wine list.

Vinsetta Garage is located in suburban Berkley, across the street from Royal Oak. Open since June of 2012, it is still immensely popular, especially on weekend evenings. I visited during the lunch hour, which is also a great time to stop in with the whole interior illuminated by light from the previously mentioned skylight.

Here’s a link to Vinsetta Garage’s website.

(This post’s photos are all done on my new iphone. While I have no intention of abandoning my DLSR camera, I’m pretty impressed with the quality of photos the iphones take.)

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