West 2017 by the Numbers

It’s time for another one of my popular “By the Numbers” trip summary posts. I’ve always kept good track of my travel numbers and having this blog has helped me expand those. Here are posts for the previous trips-  New Zealand 2012, Europe 2013, East 2014, Upper Peninsula 2014West 2015, and 2016 Trips.

South Dakota skies

Driving Stats-


I had a 3 rental cars. I started with a Toyota Yaris, which I was forced to exchange in Eugene, Oregon due to a maintenance light issue. Two days later, I switched the Hyundi Elantra I’d been given out in Bend, Oregon due to a flat tire. The final car was a Ford Fiesta.

Driving Miles: 6513 miles

Miles per car: Yaris 3910mi, Elantra 170mi, Fiesta 2433mi

Miles per gallon: 36.0 mpg (Between the 3)

Most driven in a day: 850- Day 22. Denver, CO to Moline, IL.

Fewest Driven in a day: 0. Days 13 & 21 (Denver & Portland)

Days under 100 miles driven- 6.

Days over 500 miles driven- 4.

Smokey Columbia River Gallery

Average miles driven per day- 283.4 miles

Average price per gallon- $2.67.

Highest price per gallon- $3.09, Walla Walla, WA

Lowest price per gallon- $2.38, Parma, MI (last fill up)

Sunrise Photography in the Badlands

Photography stats-

Total number of pictures taken: 5131

Breakdown by camera- dSLR- 3564, iPhone- 1567

Most in a day- 499, Day 6- Yellowstone

Fewest in a day- 34, Day 19- Drive from Northern Utah to Denver (No sights)

Selfies- 66.

GoPro video- 64:16 (Most of which in The Black Hills)

Sunset over Yellowstone Lake

Weather stats-

High Temperature: 93 F- Central Montana

Low Temperature: 29 F- Southern Wyoming

Days with rain- 11

Average sunrise- 6:49 AM

Average sunset- 6:51PM

A Flight in Eugene, Oregon

Beer/Brewery stats-

Breweries- 51

Cideries- 3

Beer Bars- 4

Beers tried- 383 (most in 2-4oz flights)

Portland area Breweries- 13

Lyft rides- 9

Public Transportation used: 5

Badlands Camping

Lodging stats (Nights)-

Campgrounds- 6

Hotels- 5

AirBnBs- 6

Friends/Family- 5

My Favorite National Park


States- 14

National Park sites- 13

State Parks- 6

Rest Areas- 19 (Not really a sight, I know, but a few were!)

Close Encounter….

Misc Stats-

Highest Elevation- 9,636 ft, Yellowstone NP

Lowest Elevation- Sea Level, Newport, Oregon

Hiking Miles (calculated estimate): 77.1 miles

Bags of ice purchased: 29

Forest Fire Detours: 3

Time Zones: 4

Alien Selfies: 1 (Devil’s Tower)

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