2016 Trips by the Numbers

Since I’m done travelling for the year, and I haven’t written a new blog post since April, so I figure it’s probably time to summarize this year’s travels. My travels weren’t like most years, with one big trip, but I ended up squeezing in more days of traveling than I thought on my two two week trips and the two weekend trips.


Easter Weekend in Gatlinburg with my family

I drove to Florida in January, visiting a few National Park sites along the way. Over Easter Weekend, I went down to Gatlinburg, Tennessee where my family had rented a cabin. For the Fourth of July Weekend, I drove to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and discovered why so many people rave about the city. I finished up my travel year on the Eastern Seaboard, with the first week being in the New York City & New Jersey area, and the second week in Northern New England. More on these trips itineraries to come.

This post follows the formula of my most successful trip summary posts- New Zealand 2012, Europe 2013, East 2014, Upper Peninsula 2014, and West 2015.


Manhattan Skyline from the ferry to Ellis Island

Trip & Driving Stats:

Days: 40 (Florida 18, Gatinburg 5, Pittsburgh 3, East 14)

Miles Driven: 9,207 miles

(Florida 3898, Gatlinburg 1601, Pittsburgh 805, Florida 2903)

Cars: 2 Rentals, 2 my own new car (2015 Focus)


Driving I-75 through Kentucky heading to Florida in January

Most driving miles in a day:

585 miles- Florida Day Two- Knoxville, TN to Lake Park, FL via Eastern Alabama and Western Georgia

551 miles- Gatlinburg Day One- Home to Galtinburg, TN via Dayton, OH

515 miles- East Day One- Home to Wilkes-Barre, PA

Days with no driving- 6

Average per gallon price:

Florida $1.68

Gatlinburg $2.06

Pittsburgh $2.45

East $2.21

Overall $2.04


Pittsburgh HDR from Mount Washington


Total Pictures-9176 : Florida-2989, Gatlinburg-1014, Pittsburgh-704. East- 4469

Phone- 3099: Florida- 960, Gatlinburg-322, Pittsburgh- 409, East- 1408

Camera- 5927: Florida- 1831, Gatlinburg- 692, Pittsburgh- 343, East- 3061

Most in a day: Florida Day 2, 585 (Lookout Mountain, Little River Canyon)

East Day 4, 606 (New York City- Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, SoHo/Little Italy Walking Tour)

Pittsburgh Day 2, 486 (Pittsburgh- Mount Washington, Three Rivers Cruise)

Total HDR- 304 : Florida- 108, Gatlinburg-18, Pittsburgh- 26, East- 152


Freezing on Mount Washington


Shorts in January in Key West

Weather Stats:

High Temp: 89 in NYC in September

Low Temp: 6 in Kentucky in January

Days with rain: 16/40

Tornado Warnings: 1 (Fort Myers Beach, January)

Coldest Wind Chill: -6, Mount Washington, NH (September)


My first ever AirBnB – Miami

Lodging Stats:

Hotels/Motels: 15 nights

AirBnB: 13 nights

Family: 4 nights

Friends:2 nights

Rental Cabin: 4 nights (Gatlinburg)

Hostels: 1 night

Estimated Savings from using AirBnB over hotels: $660

(This was the first trip I’d used AirBnB and so far, so good)


Brewery Stats:

Brewery Visits: 88 (Florida 29, Gatlinburg 9, Pittsburgh 14, East 36)

Unique Beers tried: 562 (Florida 220, Gatlinburg 45, Pittsburgh 82, East 215)

Total number of flights: 68

Beer bars: 10 (Florida 3, Gatlinburg 1, Pittsburgh 2, East 4)

Ubers used: 20 (No Uber in Gatlinburg though)



National Parks: 29

National Parks new to me: 14

Boat Trips: 6

Boat Trips cancelled by weather: 3

Manatees Seen: 29

Ferries: 6

Walking Miles: 24.7 total (Estimated)

Subway rides: 11

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