A Podcast.. or Five….

This weekend, my friend Chris Christensen of the Amateur Traveler, posted the podcast we recently did on New Zealand’s South Island. This was my fifth visit to Chris’ show, and it’s an honor to be tied for the most amount of shows. Here’s a link to the current podcast.

Here are links to the other four podcasts I’ve done with Chris- 

The Four Corners Region of the American Southwest

My Home State of Michigan

Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks

The National Parks of the United States

Also, I’m throwing in the podcast on Israel that inspired my 2010 journey there and the associated post I did for Chris

It’s a great show, with hundreds of diverse guests and destinations- even if you don’t want to listen to me ramble on about a destination, I’m sure everyone can find something that appeals to them on this show. The podcast is also available on itunes. 

Chris & I, San Francisco 2011

It’s been a pleasure getting to know Chris, one of the giants in the Travel Blogging/Podcasting field.

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  1. Henry Lee says:

    Dude, that picture of you at the Four Corners is hella sweet … also because I want to go there and do exactly the same – touch the spot where the four states meet!

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