Alaska 2019 by the Numbers

Very first photo taken

After a very light travel year in 2018, I crossed the top destination off my travel bucket list in September 2019 with an 18 day trip to my 49th state, Alaska. This post is the my traditional summary post after a big trip. (See previous trip’s posts below)

Westernmost drive-able point in the US

Driving Stats-

Miles Driven: 3215

Cars: 2 (Toyota Camry for most of the trip, Ford Escape on the Dalton Highway)

Miles per car: Camry 2037mi, Escape 1088mi

Miles per gallon: 27.6 overall, Camry 29.9, Escape 23.8

Most miles driven in a day: 432 miles (Day 11- Fairbanks to Palmer via the Richardson & Glenn Highways)

Fewest miles driven in a day: 12 (Day 10- Fairbanks, day after the Dalton trip)

Average per day: 173 miles

Highest Gas Price: Coldfoot $5.49 (halfway between Fairbanks & Prudhoe Bay)

Cheapest Gas Price: Anchorage $2.64

Average gallon of gas (whole trip): $3.37

A fair amount of rough roads

Pilot Car escorts: 4

(Pilot cars are used in areas of extreme construction or road damge, such as avalanches & forest fire damage)

Bird Point, Turnagain Arm south of Anchorage

Photo Stats-

Total number of photos: 9979

By Camera: dSLR- 7588, iPhone- 2201, GoPro-18

Most in a day: 794, Day 2 (Turnagain Arm, Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Center, Alyeska Tramway)

Fewest in a day: 83, Day 17 (Rainy drive from Homer to Anchorage)

Selfies: 109

GoPro Video: 9hrs,37min

Afternoon on the Cook Inlet on a day that had started rainy

Weather Stats-

Highest Temp- 76, Day 2 Anchorage

Coldest Temp- 29, Day 9 Wiseman

Days with some rain- 10/18

Days with rain predicted- 17/18

Days with some snow- 3

Average Sunrise- 6:53am

Average Sunset- 8:09pm

Our wonderful AirBnB apartment in Fairbanks

Lodging Stats-

AirBnBs- 6 different places for 14 days

Hostel- 1 (Denali National Park Area)

Cabins- 2 Wiseman (Halfway on the Dalton Highway)

Hotel- 1 Deadhorse Camp, Prudhoe Bay

Pat & I at Hoodoo Brewing in Fairbanks

Beer Stats-

Breweries: 22

Cideries: 1

Beer Bars: 4

Total Untappd Checkins: 201 (mostly 2-4oz flight pours)

Number of Lyft rides: 13

Only Outhouses on the Dalton Highway

Misc Stats-

Outhouses: 47 (yes I kept track for this post!)

Days without internet: 5 (mostly)

National Parks: 3 (Kenai Fjords, Wrangell-St. Elias, Denali)

State Parks: 8

Northern Lights in Wiseman

Minutes of the Northern Lights- 45


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