Amsterdam’s Sauce Masters Know Fries

I remember seeing Pulp Fiction in the fall of 1994 and listening to Samuel L. Jackson’s Jules telling John Travolta’s Vincent about the Dutch tradition on putting mayonaisse on their french fries. It sounded curious, but when I visited a few years later, I was adventurous enough to try it.



I was glad I did, because it quickly became one of my favorite snacks on my visits. There are tons of places in Amsterdam to get this treat, but my favorite place is the one with the best reputation- Vleminckx Sausmeesters out by the courtyard known as Spui.





There is no restaurant, there is no seating, it’s not the easiest place to find, they’re closed by 6 P.M. everyday, and there is almost always a line. It’s just a stand for the best fries in Amsterdam.



The menu is a simple as it gets- pick a size and pick a sauce. Those are your food options.



The fries themselves are amazing, but the name ‘Sauce Masters’ says it all. There are over 25 different sauces to choose from.





Despite all the intriguing options, I just stuck with plain mayonnaise on my order.

(Note: There’s something special about the mayo in Europe. I stick with regular ketchup on my fires in the United States 🙂 )

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3 Responses to “Amsterdam’s Sauce Masters Know Fries”

  1. Scott says:

    Yes! This is our favorite spot, they do a great job. I’ve never been brave enough to try their signature peanut sauce/mayo/onion, but Julia did and said it was actually pretty good.

  2. Hogga says:

    i want a sauce store!

  3. Maria Falvey says:

    Wow – they look crispy on the outside and bet the center is perfect!


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