East 2014 By the Numbers

Following the popularity of the ‘By the Numbers’ posts for my 2012 New Zealand and 2013 Europe trips, I bring you the numbers for my recent 11 day excursion the the East Coast. Since the last two years trips were 29 & 24 days respectively, these numbers are like the trip itself- a little toned back.


My fuel efficient rental car

Transportation Stats-

Total Miles: 3095.3

Number of States: 10 (MI,OH,WV,VA,NC,TN,SC,DE,MD,PA) + DC

Most driven in a day: 562- Washington DC to My Home in Michigan

Fewest driven in a day: 75- Sightseeing around Washington D.C.

Most in a state- North Carolina 1083 miles

Fewest in a state- South Carolina 51 miles


On the ferry from Ocracoke to Hatteras

Number of Ferries- 3

Time spent on ferries- 3 hours, 45 minutes




Total National Park Sites- 24

Sights New to me- 12

Monuments & Memorials in D.C.- 8


Blue Ridge Parkway

Photo Stats-

Total Photos- 4,328

By Camera- DSLR- 3,141  iPhone- 1,187

HDR images- 121

Most in a day- 864 (Assateague Island, Dogfish Head Brewery, & Washington, D.C.)

Fewest in a day- 85 (Long day driving home- only stop Flight 93 Memorial in PA)


After a dip in the Atlantic at Cape Lookout

Selfies- 39


#flatdeej looking a little worn after a year in the camera bag

#flatdeej pictures- 19 (This version of #flatdeej is being retired 🙂 )


Yes, that’s a real place

Brewery/Beer Stats-

Total Breweries- 17

By State: 10 North Carolina, 4 Maryland, 1 each in Ohio, Tennessee & Deleware

Souvenir Glasses: 11

Total beers checked in on Untappd: 118

1 Awesome Beer Bar: ChurchKey, Washington, D.C.


Misc. Stats-

1 view ruined by fog- Clingman’s Dome, Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Tennessee/North Carolina Border


Blinding rain on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge

3 Torrential storms (the drive from Virginia Beach up the DelMarVa Peninsula, driving through the mountains of Southern West Virginia, and while at Guilford Courthouse National Monument)

29- Number of churches I counted in the 55 miles driven in South Carolina



Number of Oysters eaten- 1

6 Responses to “East 2014 By the Numbers”

  1. That’s a lot of driving! How expensive was the rental car?! Thanks for the reminder about the Flight 93 Memorial… I’m going home to Pittsburgh in a few weeks and I have yet to check that out.

    • Erik says:

      I’ve had pretty good luck finding rental cars for about $20 a day. I’ve been getting smaller, fuel-efficient models, and the saving on gas from what I would have spent driving our SUVs pays for about half the car alone!

  2. theboywander says:

    This is great, love the idea of all the stats it’s a really interesting insight into your travels!

    • Erik says:

      It’s a lot of fun, but can be a pain, too. Most days I love recording all of the stats, but I hate having to do it when I’m running behind or get in late. In the end, I’m always glad I’ve kept them because I have a lot of fun putting together these posts afterward.

  3. Great stuff my friend. Send me the best #FlatDeej pics from the last year – I think The Adventures of Flat Deej needs an Part 2!

    • Erik says:

      Sorry Deej- just catching this comment now! I will look to get them all together for you. I will need to make a new one before next year’s trip (If there even is one) since the #flatdeej I’ve got is now retired 🙂


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