Jolly Pumpkin’s La Roja Grand Reserve Release



Back on September 22nd of last year, I, with my friends David & Keath, showed up on a Saturday morning to purchase bottles of Jolly Pumpkin’s Grand Reserve La Roja, an oak-aged version of one of my favorite beers, from one of my favorite breweries.


With the doors scheduled to open at 10 A.M., we arrived at a little after 9 to find about 20 people in line already.


Beer lovers are so orderly….


No more than four

The opening was orderly, however, and we queued in the bar upstairs waiting for our turn to purchase this special beer.


Great label artwork per usual from The Jolly Pumpkin

The was a limit of 4 of the 330ml bottles per person. At $13 per bottle, I was more than happy to purchase four for myself. The brewery’s press release said this batch “was a blend of 454 and 469, brewed 10-22-09 and 11-19-09 respectively. This beer aged in oak for at least 29 months and aged an additional 5 months in the bottle.” 


Comfortable atmosphere


A great selection including some North Peak beers


Always a solid choice


Drink beer and learn about the process

Having made our purchases, we headed back downstairs to enjoy some of Jolly Pumpkin’s other award winning beers. Since it was Keath’s birthday, we gave him first choice and he selected Luciernaga, described by their website as follows-  

Luciernaga “The Firefly” – An artisan pale ale brewed in the
Grand Cru tradition. Enjoy its golden effervescence and gentle
hop aroma. Coriander and Grains of Paradise round out the spicy
palate, melting o so softly into a silken finish of hoppiness and



More great artwork. (I want that La Roja print on the left!)


One of the fall seasonals

For our second beer, we decided on one of the current seasonal beers available in a 750ml bottle, La Parcela. I’m not usually a fan of pumpkin beers, but this sour pumpkin offering was far from the traditional pumpkin beer offerings by most breweries and was excellent.


“I’ll take one of everything”


Keath (left) the birthday boy, with me and David (right)

It was a wonderful excursion for us all and a nice birthday treat for Keath. We ate lunch there (and, of course I forgot to take pictures of the food- which I seem to do quite often), and I’ll be returning to the Jolly Pumpkin in the future to have more of there delicious artisan food and, of course, more of their awesome and one-of-a-kind beers.

Note #1- My friend, David, pictured above on the right, writes an excellent blog all things beer in the Ann Arbor and Southeast Michigan called All the Beers Fit to Pint. You can also follow his tweets. Make sure to check back frequently so you can be one of the first to get a copy of his book on Ann Arbor Beer History, which should be available later this year. (I’m already on order for a signed copy!)

(Note #2: I honestly thought I had written this post months ago. I only realized I hadn’t written it when I went looking for it to refer a friend to it and it wasn’t there. Reason #423 that I’m a terrible blogger…)

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  1. Scarlett says:

    This place looks adorable – I especially love the pumps x

  2. Maria says:

    Looks like the perfect place to just sit, enjoy and be! Trying to source the brew locally but I’m not having luck – guess this means… ROAD TRIP! 🙂

    • Erik says:

      Jolly Pumpkin is available in 43 states, I think, so you should be able to find it somewhere. I’m sure only the most select of places will have it, but it should be available.

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