New Zealand 2012 by the Numbers

I’ve been back a week now from my month-long trip to New Zealand, and here are some of the important statistics from the trip.

Driving Stats-
Total Kilometers- 6973 (4075 miles)
South Island – 4462km (2685 miles)
North Island- 2331km (1399 miles)
Most in a day – 417km (250 miles)
  Kawhia to Waipa Cove via Waitomo & Auckland
Least in a day- 14km
   Wellington- only drove to the Zoo, walked the rest of the day

Set up for bed in the back of my campervan

Lodging Stats-
Nights in Hostels- 12
Nights in Campgrounds- 14
Nights in Motels- 1 (only night I had a private bathroom!)
Night on a Boat- Doubtful Sound Cruise (Hostel-style accommodation)

A Meat Pie- one of New Zealand’s few signature dishes

Food Statistics-
Number of Sit-down Restaurant Meals- 7
Number of Fast Food Meals- 2 (McDonalds, Burger King)
***There were tons of options on this front (Wendy’s, KFC, Pizza Hut) but I avoided them!
Estimated amount saved self-catering over eating out all the time- $700 NZ$ ($535 US$)
Cadbury Chocolate Bars- Too many to count

Sunrise in Queenstown

Sunrise/Sunset Stats-
Number of sunrises photographed- 14
Number of sunsets photographed- 12
Number of sunrises I got up to photograph that didn’t happen due to rain/clouds- 6
Number of sunsets I didn’t get to photograph due to rain/clouds/(and once traffic)- 7
Number of times photographing either where I reminded myself how lucky I was- Everytime

Rained on in the Haast Valley

Weather Stats-
South Island: Average daily temps- High 48.2F/9.1C, Low 34.3F/1.3C
North Island: Average daily temps- High 58.5F/14.7C, Low 41.2F/5.1C
Number of days with some rain-21 (of 29)
Number of day with no rain-8
Number of days rain was forecast- 27
Number of times it snowed- 2

Number of Rainbows seen- 27!

Photography Stats-
Total numbers of pictures- 12,069
***This number is ridiculous, I concede, but deserves some explanation. The number is inflated by a few things: I don’t delete any photos until they have been downloaded and I am sure they are not useful in some way, when photographing wildlife I often take multiple bursts to try and get one good photo, and the HDR images I use require 3,6 or 9 shots to make. Of the 12,000, I’d guess only 2,000 or so will ever be used here or in photo galleries.
Most taken in a day- 849 (Wellington- Wellington Zoo, Mount Victoria & Te Papa, New Zealand’s National Museum)
Fewest taken in day- 147 (My day at Lake Tekapo was mostly washed out by rain)
Average photos taken per day- 416
Most photos taken in an hour- 283 (My helicopter flight in Franz Josef Glacier)
Number of silly, narcissistic photos (like the one above) where I superimposed myself multiple times into a single photo- 3

Beer Stats-
Number of New Zealand beers tried- 25
Number this self-confessed beer snob really liked- 1 (the above pictured 8Wired Hopwired IPA)
Number of other craft brews I would refer to as ‘acceptable’- 3
Number of days without any type of liquid it would take to make me drink another Speights or Monteiths (New Zealand’s Miller/Budweiser equivalents)- incalculable 🙂

Adventure Stats-
Number of things jumped off- zero.
*** I know New Zealand is famous for it’s adrenaline junkie activities, but I get more excited about scenery than bungy-jumping and skydiving.

NEXT: Chapter One: Christchurch in One Word: Broken


16 Responses to “New Zealand 2012 by the Numbers”

  1. eriksmithdotcom says:

    When I go back, I will jump off of something. I wish I had. I'll be terrified and hate it probably, but it's going to happen 🙂

  2. eriksmithdotcom says:

    I have a few more 'multiple me' photos coming… what must the people who saw me composing those thought….

  3. eriksmithdotcom says:

    Didn't try the meat pie until the second to last day- too bad, I could have eaten them, across both islands!

  4. eriksmithdotcom says:

    It's a blessing and a curse, Kate 🙂

  5. eriksmithdotcom says:

    Thanks! If you like the sunrise photos, there are many more to come!

  6. eriksmithdotcom says:

    Thanks! This was one of my favorite posts to write, and the reason I kept all of these stats! The sunrise photos are worth the getting up early!

  7. Awesome post! Love all your stats! I really need to do these types of things more often- keeping track of those little details, I mean.

    IN LOVE with that sunrise pic. I adore Queenstown and those colours are absolutely stunning!

    Also love that photo of you 3 times 😉 I love doing those types of photos 🙂 always fun!

  8. Kconvissor says:

    You are the stat man extraordinaire. Wish I had that kind of brain. 

  9. Leah Travels says:

    This is an awesome idea for a post. I love that you kept count of the kinds of beers you tried. And the meat pie? Ahhhh….heaven! 

  10. You keep more detailed stats than me. Impressive! It's amazing you got up for all those sunrises.

  11. Shauna says:

    You definitely kept close track on everything! The only thing I disagree with – I tasted some mighty fine beers in NZ (better than a lot we find in Canada!) 😉

  12. Dang, over 4000 miles?!  And I wouldn't jump off anything, either – that kind of thing scares me, and it can't be good for your back.

    I can't wait to see all your photos!!  Or at least 2000 of them.  😉

  13. Ali says:

    Erik, it looks like a great trip! I can't believe how many things you kept track of! I love the photo you superimposed yourself into multiple times, hilarious. And 27 rainbows?!? That's awesome!  I'm so glad you enjoyed NZ!

  14. hahaha…I loved the last stat. I saw the pic and thought “No way! He jumped???” I'm with you…no way my feet leave the ground:)

  15. Kris Koeller says:

    Great recap. Wears me out just reading it!

  16. Ryan O says:

    Great stuff man!

    I'm impressed that you remembered all of this (or at least made up believable numbers!) glad to hear it went well!


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