Orlando- Tacky Souvenir Capital of the World

On our visit to Orlando last weekend, Janeen and I stayed in a complex just south of Disney, in an area which largely services the mass amounts of tourists. Among the hotels and restaurants were a bunch of huge souvenir shops. In all my travels, I’ve never seen an area with so many of these massive shops.

 We visited the Magic Castle, mostly because the huge wizard protruding from the roof.

As would be expected, these places carry everything imaginable. Upon entering the Magic Castle, we were greeted with the choice of “Real Gator Heads” (which felt fake, but who knows???) or bottles of gator and shark teeth.

I use the word ‘tacky’ in the title of this post, but it really shouldn’t have a negative connotation. The sheer size of the place means they have just about every kind of souvenir imaginable, and usually at reasonable prices.

I’ve always loved these places. Orlando may have more of them than any place I’ve ever been, but such large shops like these will always remind me of this state. 

Of course, one of the signature feature of these shops are the silly souvenirs, like the underwear shown above. 

Have you been anywhere with as many of these places as Orlando? I’d be curious to find out if any place comes close!

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