Pacsafe: Travel Safety Peace of Mind

From 1999 until 2001, I had the good fortune to work at an awesome travel bookstore called The Savvy Traveller in downtown Chicago. It was such an amazing place that I ended up spending much of my salary on things I found at the store. One of the best items I purchased while working there is my Pacsafe. 
The Pacsafe is a highly tensile steel mesh net that you can place over a suitcase or backpack and then lock to a stationary object inside a hotel room or car. It is small enough and light enough to carry with you in the pack you intend to secure with it.It can be folded up a carried in the small bag seen above. 
When taken out of the bag, it expands and the bag is inserted using the opening at the top. The small circular Pacsafe logo seen prominently in the picture above helps you orientate the pacsafe in the proper direction while inserting the bag into it. Once the bag is inside, the top can be cinched using the long wire seen just to the left of the mesh netting in the picture above. Once it is cinched and locked, the wire can be threaded around some that is secure and stationary, in other words, something not easily moved.
The picture above shows how I use them while on a driving road trip. I use my big one for my bigger backpack, which contains my two computers and all of their associated hardware, plus other valuable electronics. I use the second, smaller one, to fit two smaller bags- my camera bag, and a day pack sized bag that holds my toiletries kit (which contains medications I wouldn’t want stolen) plus a change of clothes and anything else of value I want to lock up. I have not purchased the biggest size for my large pack containing all of my clothes, since if those were stolen, they would be easier to replace. Basically, anything of value is locked in one of the two pacsafes. I take the long wire and run it around the base of the passenger seat and lock it with two standard combination locks, one for each bag. This means to steal these bags, someone would have to break the locks or remove the whole passenger seat. Again, the security wire is highly tensile, and can not be cut by a normal pair of wire cutters. This obviously does not guarantee that my bags will never be stolen, but it definitely eliminates smash-and-grab types of thefts.
Hotel rooms can be a little trickier to find something to lock the backs to. Most of the time, I use the base of the sink or the pipes running to the sink, since few thieves are going to remove all of these things to get to the bags. If that is not available, I have used bedposts, radiators, air-conditioning units, or shelving units, like the one seen above, from my hotel in Jerusalem. The key, again, is to find something that couldn’t be easily removed and taken with the bag. 
Below is a demonstration of me putting a backpack in one of my pacsafes. It can be a little frustrating at time to get the mesh netting to fit just right around the bag, but it is so worth the extra couple minutes to lock it up. Not only does it keep my bags safe, but also gives me peace of mind when it come to them. I have gotten into such a habit with using them, that it also come second nature now. I now use them every time I take any f my laptops or cameras out of the house and have to leave them in the car.
This post was not sponsored by Pacsafe. This is just a product I believe in that much. They are not cheap, but if you are a dedicated traveler, I believe the expense is well worth the security and peace of mind.

Here is a link to Pacsafe’s website.

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  1. Rob says:

    That is cool, have seen a few people with it as I've been traveling. Good post Erik.

  2. Cool product! But what I most wanted to comment on was – you worked in a travel book store? Like Hugh Grant in Notting Hill!

  3. TourAbsurd says:

    I have 2 Pacsafe purses. Absolutely love them! Have been thinking about the mesh for a long time. It's so darned logical!

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