Photo Essay- Comerica Park on a Stormy July 4th

My wife & I were invited by our good friends from Ashley’s to attend the Detroit Tigers-Minnesota Twins game in their suite at Comerica Park on a steamy 4th of July. I brought my camera hoping to get some good shots, but I really didn’t have a post in mind since I had already done a photo essay on Comerica Park earlier this year. 

That was before an incredibly fierce storm rolled in. The pictures I took were certainly different than the ones from the earlier post, so I decided to share them. I’ve kept them in chronological order, so you can see how the evening developed.

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  1. Hogga says:

    Being from the Toronto area, I was like 'uhh.. why don't you just close the dome?'
    Goes to show how much I know about baseball, pay attention and rule as an individual lol.

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